@TheXbhpGuy - Here's my story!

When it comes to xBhp it's not just about Bikes or Bikers! It's a community and a magazine. Since '02 xBhp is different things to different people. From a close-knit national community of bikers to India's only motorcycling lifestyle magazine and a place to make like minded biker friends. We have one common religion - Bikeism. I got to know about xBhp back in 2013, but at that, I am not much into biking. I loved driving cars, I still love them but from the day I saw MotoVlogging emerging in India and my true inspiration (Motographer) The maker of xBhp, I was totally in it. It's wasn't an infatuation for me then, it was never been though. I love the concept of biker friends and their journeys around the country and across the globe. I am not a professional biker although I would love to get into biking someday and own a team - a part of my dream. I have performed Off-roads and On-roads street or drag races which is actually illegal everywhere. I have almost broken most of the laws in biking, but I realized my mistakes too late. 

You can see the same logo on my present bike's windshield and this one gonna be the same logo for all my future bikes.

Life never teaches you in a straight way, it will teach you to the hardest truth, make you experience the hardest things and makes your tougher. I lost a biker friend for the first time in life, and that is where (ThexBhpGuy) started. I have rid almost every bike below 600cc from all my friends, and that is where I come from. I started biking on a scooter - and the taste changed to the 6 gear bikes although I own a 5 gear 150cc beast. I bought my first bike which was on the date of launch Bajaj unleashed a new Discover 150F - a semi-fairing bike which I have rid across the states of Karnataka, Goa, Maharashtra, Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, Kerela, and Telangana. So - The South India is done.  But it's not the end yet - It's just the beginning. Earlier according to my budget I would usually cruise around much over commuters i.e. not more than a 250cc bike. As I had already tasted the flavor of most of the engines above them, and then a thought stuck in my mind - What's there is a ride other than xBhp where is x is a variable and bhp is the power of the engine of a machine. And xBhp calls it - eXtra Break Horse Power. While I coined one for myself as I am not satisfied just by extra things rather I would turn it down and make it extreme. And thus, The XBhp  Guy was born.

At the first point, it became my Instagram handle where I posted my pictures with/ of bikes but still, something was missing. A Vlog - Video Log of all those moments I spent over with these awesome machines.

Friends, a bike is never less or more, even if it's 150cc engine or a 1000 cc - A Hero or a BMW. It doesn't matter, all that matters is the X - variable, the X - factor of the rider, the biker who makes the magic happen.  Well, I am planning for a life with bikes soon. Maybe 2018, I have planned for some solo and group rides across the country and live a life rather than just earning a 9 - 6 job.

These couple of months remaining in 2017 ( November and December) I am focusing much on the below things, The bike, the riding gears, cameras, drones and most importantly on the content.

So, this was me - folks - TheXbhpGuy aka Cipher aka Ravindra Pawaskar.

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