This Diwali to New Year Contest! Write & Earn in USD

Get paid for writing articles in Cipher Online! As you have got to know that Cipher Online has crossed a million visits over last few months we are planning to reach out for more and more organic views with your help. We are getting engagements around 100,000 visitors globally and would like you to get paid for each article till 31st of December 2017.

Yes, you are going to get paid for each article you write here with Cipher Online but there’s a catch, you have to follow few rules even.

  1. The articles should be of your own and shall not be shared elsewhere in any website. Plagiarism is not tolerated. Each article should be a minimum of 1000 words.
  2. The article will be paid on the basis of the SEO scores. (Check the Yoast Analysis for your score)
  3. You will get paid a sum of 5USD only when your article reach more than 100 views (Just 100 views) for the first time. For instance, you write 5 articles and each of your articles get 100 views, you will be credited with 25 USD instantly for the first time.
  4. To be a part of Cipher Online ‘Get Paid’ contest you should have a Paypal account and register with our site with your preferred Membership level. You can register with a Basic Level with 1 USD a year.
  5. An article which reaches more than 1000 views will get paid a sum of 10 USD for the first time.
  6. Our analytics team can get into your reaches and see your performance in writing. Yoast can help you out writing better articles.
  7. Cipher Online is one of the best websites to create backlinks and advertise your content for reference.
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